Our Mission

Strive for the life of human healthy drinking water,and use science and technology to innovate plastics to make human life healthier and better.

Corporate vision

Determined to become the most trusted and respected enterprise group in China's plastic pipe industry.Focus on quality pipelines, because the security is transmitted farther

Our value

The core values of the Puhui brand are safe,healthy and innovative.Complete product quality and qualifications are the foundation of an enterprise and the foundation of everything we do.


Focus on the Boutique Pipeline,Because of the security

Non-toxic health

The PE pipe is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metal additives, does not scale, does not breed bacteria, and can be safely used for water supply in water plants and urban water supply.

Corrosion resistance and wear resistance

The main raw material of PE pipe, high-density polyethylene, is an inert material, which can resist the corrosion of various chemical media without the need of anti-corrosion layer. The wear resistance of PE pipes is 4 times that of steel pipes.

Good resistance to scratches

PE80 and other polyethylene pipes have good resistance to slow crack growth and scratch resistance. PE100 polyethylene pipe is more resistant to scratches

Easy to recycle

The PE pipe is light in weight, convenient for construction and transportation, and has no pollution to the environment and is easy to recycle.

High toughness

It has good pressure bearing performance, strong adaptability to the pipe base, and excellent seismic performance. Its segment elongation generally exceeds 500%.

Long life

By adding carbon black during the production of PE pipes, the aging and embrittlement caused by ultraviolet rays are greatly reduced, and the service life is 50 years. Under normal use, there is little or no maintenance.